Geometric visuals made out of a human body shape
Visuals of people laying among trees
Kaleidoscope style visual

Tilto Namai

Animated visuals for seven different songs from Tilto Namai radio festival. Each of them is a loop tailored for individual songs. The visual movement follows the beat or compliments the song with an atmosphere.

This festival was aired from Palanga Street Radio – an online radio community. It was continuously broadcasted for fifteen hours. 

The line up includes live performances from independent Lithuanian bands like: Monikaze, Solo Ansamblis , Kabloonak, Kamanių Šilelis, EGOMAŠINA, Vilniaus Energija and Garbanotas.

You can find the full playlist here:

Animator: Emilė Juzeliūnaitė
Illustrator: Lina Disciplina
Client: Tilto Namai