About us

Emilemilija is an independent creative studio focusing on crafting engaging narratives and brand identities. Our work has a wide range of 2D animation techniques, motion graphics and illustration.

We love combining the beauty of colourful animation with compelling stories. We found that mixing analog and digital means helps our clients stand out in the clutter of information.

We value personal stories with social, cultural and environmental messages. We aspire to combine them in a variety of projects we embrace.


We know that our name might sound confusing, but it’s rather simple!

The studio was created with two long-time collaborators – Emilė Maigytė and Emilija Juzeliūnaitė.

Emilija Juzeliūnaitė – an aspiring multidisciplinary artist creates identity, illustration and all things sweet. She Currently works on her debut short animation, bringing texture in the digital world.

Emilė Maigytė – a director and an animator that loves bringing still images to life. She enjoys experimenting with different techniques of 2D animation as well as compositing and producing.


Our clientele includes Vice Netherlands, Government of the Republic of Lithuania, Scanorama Film Festival, Carbon Market Watch, Electra Energy Cooperative,  Kaunas 2022: European Capital of Culture, Kubbco and many more.

The Manifest rates us in top 100 design
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