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Flight Of Fancy - Collage animation

Aviation is one of the most polluting and environmentally unregulated industries.
Do you think buying cheap carbon credits can offset the climate impact of your flight?
Carbon Market Watch has the answer and they gave us the opportunity to represent it visually. 
Concept and script: Khaled Diab
Illustration: Emilija Juzeliūnaitė, Rūta Kygaitė
Animation: Emilė Maigytė, Zuzanna Labus
Sound design: Kipras Čėsna
Pilot voice: Nicky Bellas
Flight attendant voice: Sekoyya Little
Production: Emilemilija animation studio
Client: Carbon Market Watch
More information:

The satirical script directed the tone which inspired us to create a collage style animation, incorporating comic book style layouts, creating rich and full compositions. Keeping with the theme we went with a gray color scheme, adding extremely bright colors. Portraying light-heartedness of the big companies and their ignorance of the climate catastrophe in hand. This also helped to heighten the hecticness of air travel.

Storyboard to final images: