Play Video about drawn window with "elephant never know it's real" written on it

Elephant - Never Know It's Real
Animated music video

We have great joy animating for musicians! This time we created an animated music video for a dutch melancholic pop band Elephant. The music video was released with their debut EP in March.

The band members describe themselves as sunny, melancholic and in major key. For this reason, we chose a narrative that matches that summery feeling. The story itself is a collection of postcards from a day on a beach. It is a melancholic journey’s memory you keep from slower days. It is told through small details and souvenirs.

In the same way, melody dictated the art direction. Due to the lightness of the song, we designed minimal style illustrations. We used pencil, ink style brushes to create an organic look. Also, added pops of colour to drive the viewers attention. Likewise, the illustrations were heavily inspired by dutch architecture, beaches and general scenery.


More information about the band –

Animator: Emilė Maigytė
Illustrator: Emilė Maigytė
Elephant music

drawn minimal bicycle
drawn minimal beach with sun
eyes with buildings reflecting in them
drawn coat room with feel walking away

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