Motion Graphics on Obesity Prevention

A dynamic motion graphic animation piece on the topic of Obesity. 

Animation: Emilė Maigytė, Zuzanna Labus.
Illustration: Emilija Juzeliūnaitė
Production: Kubbco Social Media Agency

The brief was to create an abstract character that doesn’t resemble a particular person’s shape and size. A challenge to create a relatable and emotional character without using facial features. This was achieved by expressive movements and form.
character designs
The final character is a personified scribble. 
It represents that obesity is not simple and has many underlying factors. 
The visual storytelling is through indirect metaphors. 
We used shapes and patterns to represent the character’s struggles and wins. That resulted in a bold and minimal visual language. 
Combined with sharp movement it became a dynamic educational piece. Digesting a difficult topic into a comprehensible narrative.